Wedding fashion trends in 2013

Written on:June 19, 2013
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bridalfashiontrendA wedding is one very special event in a human’s life. The bride is usually the star of the celebration. We expect her to have the nicest dress, prettiest bouquet, and the most beautiful face. Unknowingly, everyone wants to look their best when attending a wedding, particularly the mother of the groom and bride. Of course they also want to be beautiful, albeit, second to the bride. Choosing what to wear has been their dilemma since it is an important factor for consideration to look every bit gorgeous. Despite their age, undoubtedly they still love to be able to carry the fashion trend. Here are some guides to be able to get a stylish trend for moms.

Firstly, it is okay to look beautiful during your son or daughter’s wedding, but be mindful that it’s not supposed to be your day. I suggest you have coordination with the bride’s mom if you happen to be the groom’s mother. It is accustomed that the mother of the bride will have her dress first, given that it is usually the bride who decides on the motif of the wedding. Just a hint of the style and color of the dress that she’s going to wear will give you an idea on what dress you will be looking for. Avoid copying the style; it will be awkward for both of you to wear uniform dress. Find something that will flaunt your curves and at the same time comfortable for you to wear.

It is advised that you do dress shopping a few months before the wedding so you have ample time if in case you decide to do adjustments with the dress. When the wedding is scheduled in the evening, a formal dress or gown is more suited. There are so many sophisticated dresses for full-figured woman, if ever you are one of them. There are dresses meant to be worn by slender as well as full figured woman that is still proper for the event and is also fashionable. In terms of the color, usually you go for the very safe one like the nude shades or yellow-gold shade. Most demanded color is the navy blue or any shades of blue. It certainly depends on the bride’s opinion. Therefore it is much better to let the bride know your own concept of your dress. If she suggested a color then, go for it. If she’s uncaring with the matter then go for the neutral, silver, and shades of blue-colored dress. It is always best to be safer and feel comfortable in your chosen dress than to look flashier than the bride.

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