Indian officials file murder charges against suspects of inhumane gang rape

Written on:December 30, 2012
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The authorities of India included murder charges yesterday for the suspects of the horrible gang rape that directed to the demise of a 23-year-old lady and sent fuming rallyists on the streets. The suspect currently faces a series of rape charges.

Six individuals, along with a bus driver and a minor, have been seized in relation to the rape that happened in New Delhi on the present month.

Multitudes of persons have remonstrated for many times, insisting more safety for women and penalty for those people who are responsible for the assault.

The woman was flown to Singapore previously this week when she was nursed for wounds in a hospital in New Delhi.

Doctors in Singapore claimed that she died in peace early Saturday, encircled by her intimate relationships and the officials of the Indian Embassy.

The rape and murder victim had been in exceptionally perilous stage since by the time of her arrival last Thursday and got a turn for the poorer quality of health, according to Dr. Kelvin Loh, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

According to him she had underwent suffering from grave failure of her organs following severe injuries to her brain and body. The doctor added that she was truly brave in fighting for her own life and survival for a very long time against all of the odds, yet the shock and damages inflicted to her body were too grave for her to surmount.

The body of the victim was brought back to India, where it was incinerated this Sunday in an isolated memorial home in accordance to Home Ministry spokesman K.S. Dhatwalia.

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