Developments in the LED Industry

Written on:November 27, 2012
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If there are people that we have to be thankful for, they would have to be the LED manufacturing companies. LED manufacturing companies such as Bai LED and Philips LED are the ones who provide consumers with all LED products that realize the possibility of saving energy on lighting materials. Hence, every move in LED technology is closely watched and followed as consumers hope for further developments that might lead to more innovative and more beneficial outputs.

First of all, LED has been around for almost a century already, yet its impact has been felt by most of us for the past few years only due to some companies’ rigid marketing on their LED products. Today, some of the recent moves in LED technology include LED street lights and the fusion of LED lighting in traffic management in the form of LED traffic lights. The Japanese government has already opted for LED traffic lights due to the fact that it gives brighter glow and longer life span compared to filament lamps. Apart from that, these lights also provide focused glare, which is important to both pedestrians and vehicle drivers during night time. These are being used in major city corners and in areas with much traffic, more hazards and in signs with texts to make use of its brightness and to make the best use of its energy efficiency. This move has been made in order to lower the number of pedestrian accidents and traffic violators caused by dimmer traffic signs. The said country has even readied supplies of battery packs in case of emergency.

Did you know that LED lights are now widely used in the healthcare industry? Several healthcare providers and hospitals in Japan have been using its white light in a number of its operations including busting cancer cells and resurfacing skin treatment. Japan is having an ongoing study about the other benefits of white light in the said department as its lighting capacity is important in illuminating incision points and affecting the mood of the patient. Another development is the fact that a lot of hospitals are now incorporating UV LED lights in their semiconductors to kill strains of bacteria and to hasten sterilization.

Japan might have been one of the fastest growing countries in terms of innovation and technology. While some countries and companies are skeptical with LED’s eco-friendly attributes, developments in attaining models of environment-friendly LED lighting products have also been made. This goes to show that in another decade, it won’t be possible that LED will become one of man’s most celebrated inventions.

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