An Update of Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

Written on:March 5, 2013
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Kate Middleton PregnantKate Middleton’s pregnancy has been the subject in almost all news items in the world. Everyone is just so excited for another royalty member. It was last year December that the Duchess of Cambridge declared that she is pregnant. The pronouncement came upon because she was rushed to the hospital due to severe morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum. This shows that even princesses and duchess has their own difficulties despite the abundance of life. But, how was Kate now?

Kate has not shown to the public for a couple of months after being hospitalized. She probably needs a rest for her health and the baby’s health. We hope that she’s feeling better now. Maybe, she’s not as high-spirited as before as she and her husband Prince William had a low-key Christmas celebration with Kate’s family. The royal couple did not follow the royal tradition to spend Christmas day with the Queen and other royals at Sandringham. Perhaps, she needs some time with her family and some time to be away from the lime light. Talking about cravings Kate’s doing well with it after being hospitalized due to Hyperemesis gravidarum – inability to keep food down. She loves to eat lavender biscuits – which is cookies in England. Kate is also fond of scones with strawberry jam and the British specialty clotted cream. It is rich in fats which is good for her.

Kate is in her fourth month now, but you can’t really believe it once you’ll see here in a swim wear. She still looks gorgeously hot with a super cute bump. Prince William and Kate were seen spending one sunny day in the island of Mustique, preparing their way to the beach. Her bump is barely there. Her due date has been revealed by the St. James Palace, they confirmed that it will be on the middle of July the dates are not yet specified. With regards the gender of the royal baby, I presumed Kate will have it known when she gives birth. After a while, Kate has regained her health conditions, it was confirmed that she’ll be expecting a healthy baby.

The 31 year old Duchess of Cambridge is back on track doing her charity works. She visited the addiction center in London. After her vacation in the Island of Mustique, she proceeds in meeting the women rehabilitated due to substance abused and other compulsive disorder in a 23-bed suburban treatment centre in Clapham named Hope House. It is one of her advocacies, run by Action on Addiction in south-west London. Her next schedule of travel will be on March 5 – “Royal away day” in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.


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